29 April 2018

A Matter of Time / Sennek / Belgium | Review

Sennek / Belgium / Eurovision 2018
Is it only A Matter of Time for another Belgian victory?

A Matter of Time is an impressive illustration of a Eurovision song which, for the listener, combines a couple of irresistible ingredients. The Belgian singer Sennek (Laura Groeseneken) is a rather engaging performer who presents an entry containing a bluesy, retro melody which wouldn't sound out of place on the soundtrack of a James Bond movie.

Flag Belgium
As we have come to expect of recent offerings from Belgium, it's a well-produced track which could easily have been released by a contemporary female singer such as Adele, for instance.  Somehow, the track just sounds right.

A song like A Matter of Time requires an evocative, if not nostalgic, vocal style which Sennek manages to provide - on the studio recording at least. There may be a question over her live vocal – she can sing - but she can she deliver the nuances this song demands live in Lisbon?

Her pre-Eurovision performances suggest that her vocals are solid enough - a plus, then - although Belgium have been drawn early in the first half of their semi-final: not an ideal draw. This is a very likable entry, but qualification may not be the foregone conclusion that many have predicted.

Image by Adrivaliente [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Artist: Sennek
Song: A Matter of Time 
Semi-Final 1 | First Half

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