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My love affair with the Eurovision Song Contest began in 1971, the year that The United Kingdom sent Clodagh Rodgers to Ireland with 'Jack in a Box' (kind of a 'Puppet on a String', Part 4 type song). 

A bouncy, breezy pop confection that fared reasonably well in the voting (4th) but could not really compete with Séverine, the chanteuse representing Monaco, who stormed to the top of the leaderboard with the now legendary 'Un banc, un arbre, une rue'.

That song not only had me fixated on this pan-European competition but also on foreign languages, especially French, which I pursued over many years thereafter. The early 1970s produced what have now become three classics of Eurovision winners (in French, of course) - among them 1972's 'Après toi' by Vicky Leandros, which has come to be my favourite from the contest.

Years later, when studying for my French degree, I was able to enhance and hone my writing skills - something to which I had never given much thought until then. I actually began to enjoy writing, crafting my own stories and sharing my thoughts on various subjects.

To cut a long story short, that is how I arrived here at this blog, combining my fascination with the contest and my love for languages and the written word. I have become a "reviewer", dispensing my thoughts on the latest Eurovision songs.

Perhaps you'll agree with me, perhaps you won't. So why not leave a message in the comments section? It would be interesting to learn what you think of my opinions and to read yours too. 


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