09 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Netherlands: Birds

Birds is the Eurovision song entry from The Netherlands this year and it will be sung by one of Holland's most successful and current artists: Anouk.

Miss Teeuwe is hoping to reverse the country's recent bad results, evidenced by its inability to progress past the semi-final stages since their inception in 2004. Birds should do it for The Netherlands, even if it's not your regular pop song.

One would expect something rockier from Anouk, but this track is instead a hauntingly beautiful ballad. Non fans have referred to it as a "dirge", though on repeated listenings it's easy to appreciate its appeal. It's more complex than your usual Eurovision song, which does not bode well with the tele-voting, but will be a hit with the juries. If there's any justice, Birds should fly into the final and land a Top 5 placing.

The Netherlands will present their song in position eight of the first semi-final on May 14.

What do you think?

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  1. You have hit the nail on the head - 'repeated listenings' is the phrase! When I FIRST heard this song I thought: "What on earth is this?" and I wasn't impressed but with repeated listenings, the true quality of the vocals come through and you realise it is truly beautiful. Most televoters will only hear this on the night of SF1 for the first time and think the same way I did and not vote for it. Anouk may therefore have to rely on the juries (who I suspect will make her 1st or 2nd) to scrape through to the Final.

    Once in the Final, the Netherlands MAY do a lot better - juries will still make it one of the best songs and televoters MAY start to see its true quality on second listening. I really hope it gets through to the Final - if it doesn't I think that the Netherlands will give up on Eurovision! Assuming it is in the Final, top 10 definitely, maybe a top 5...


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