30 April 2018

We Got Love / Jessica Mauboy / Australia | Review

Jessica Mauboy / Australia / Eurovision 2018
Will Jessica Mauboy get the love from Eurovision voters?

Following on from the of the likes of Guy Sebastian and Dami Im, the appearance (again) of Jessica Mauboy at Eurovision seems like a major achievement for Australia. Even though she's still somewhat unfamiliar in Europe, she’s a huge name back in Australia having placed second on the fourth season of Australian Idol, since when she's become an award-winning actress as well as a multi-platinum recording artist.

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We Got Love (or #WeGotLove) was the preferred song of two which Mauboy had considered taking to Lisbon - the other titled A Force of Nature. It's a slice of anthemic pop which Mauboy describes as "a strong song with a simple message". The lyrics make it blatantly obvious what the message is: not to give up as love has the power to make changes for the better. Not a new theme when it comes to Eurovision; neither is the construction of this entry.

It's disposable, plastic pop which has been heard at the Contest dozens of times before, but this song has been done quite well. It feels fine-tuned for a contest triumph: it's drum-driven, catchy, easy to dance to and bound to get crowd participation at the stadium in Lisbon.

Possibly, the only doubt is how well Jessica's live vocals will cope with the song - many remember her pitchy performance at the second semi-final in 2014. However, some recent live performances demonstrate how much she has matured since then, so this may not be an issue now.

At any rate, I've no doubt that it will gain a substantial score, and in particular, it should be an entry with which Australia can be unquestionably pleased. It's also has a nice draw midway through semi-final two so, all in all, should be an easy qualifier.

Image by Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons 

Artists: Jessica Mauboy
Song: #We Got Love 
Semi-Final 2 | First Half

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  1. Well Mauboy did try her best but in recent years Jess Voice has struggled, she can sing very well but her voice gets tired these days and her voice is not suitable for the riggers of a competition and is the reason she sings at only one concert at a time these days.
    Jess i still one of our best artist but dami im is always my Favorite for other reasons, but when is comes to pure Magic on stage Jess beats Dami outright. She is an exciting performer.
    Dami voice is much better but her songs these days are just not as exciting and is the reason Jess does so well. I love them both for different reasons, Dami voice is just pure and Beautiful, Jess voice is great when you want to dance.


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