27 April 2018

Crazy / Franka / Croatia | Review

Franka Batelić / Croatia / 2018 Eurovision Song Contest
Franka Batelić: Crazy for Eurovision points
Among the former Yugoslav countries, Croatia has – for the most part – fared reasonably well. However, over recent years, their record has been less than impressive. Since 2007, there have been five non-qualifications and they have placed no higher than thirteenth - that thanks to Jacques Houdek last year. Despite having withdrawn for a couple of years, you certainly couldn’t accuse them of losing interest in the Contest – they frequently send some of the more "interesting" entries - 2017's My Friend being one of them. This year they change their focus to a more contemporary sound courtesy of Franka Batelić's Crazy.

Flag Croatia
Although they're rarely dreadful, many of the the recent Croatian entries regularly fail to relate to the wider Eurovision television audience. Franka appears to be aware of this, as Crazy combines its own brand of ethnic sounds with a more Western-styled production. It's the type of current, mid-paced tune that one could expect to hear on the playlists of radio stations throughout Europe and beyond.

It’s a clever option - with its sensuous, staccato beat and sung by a woman who is very easy on the eye. It should have wide-ranging appeal, while some voting allies in its semi could help buoy its chances.

Obviously, much will depend on the staging - and the first semi-final looks as if it could be a tough draw for Croatia. As things stand I feel Crazy is very borderline, despite it being a very engaging composition. It's a definite improvement over many of their recent offerings, but does it have sufficient power to force its way far enough up the scoreboard?

Image by LukaGagula [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

Artist: Franka
Song: Crazy 
Semi-Final 1 | Second Half

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