22 June 2015

Avicii Opens Up About Sweden's 2015 Eurovision Winner

Avicii - Tim Bergling

Sweden's 2015 Eurovision winner Heroes has been, for some months now, the centre of voracious controversy concerning its similarity to the David Guetta track, Lovers on the Sun.

Avicii, the Swedish DJ, record producer and co-writer/co-producer of Guetta's song has finally chosen to comment - albeit briefly - about the plagiarism claims in a recent interview with the Associated Press.


“I think it was a worse version of David Guetta’s song”, he said in the interview, seemingly not too concerned about all the fuss stirred up by some sections of Eurovision fandom.

While, clearly, many believe there is a problem with the victorious Eurovision song this year, Avicii is seemingly more mellow about it all, happier to see Sweden bathing in a positive limelight once again rather than dwell too much on the copycat debate. In fact neither SVT, the Swedish public broadcaster, nor the EBU have felt it necessary to pursue the matter further and there is no inkling from Avicii in this interview that legal proceedings are imminent.

Nevertheless, Heroes victory continues to be overshadowed not only by these plagiarism claims but also by allegations of presentation appropriation in respect of the animated figures used.

If all this was not bad enough, the song's triumph has also received criticism due to its third place ranking by the public - helped into the top spot only through the votes of various national juries.

What are your thoughts about all of this?

(Review of Heroes sung by Måns Zelmerlöw)


Lead image by The Perfect World Foundation [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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