11 December 2014

Eurovision 2015: Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis: Walk Along

If you know anything about Dutch popular music, you'll know that Trijntje Oosterhuis has been one of The Netherlands' biggest recording stars, having enjoyed commercial success at home since the mid-1990s. She will now display her considerable talent in Vienna on the 2015 Eurovision stage performing the song Walk Along.

Before embarking on her productive solo career however, she was part of the band Total Touch with her brother, Tjeerd. The pair secured two multi-platinum selling albums in the Dutch charts before breaking up. Since then, Trijntje has registered five Top 5 albums of her own.

Her last one was released in 2012 and entitled Wrecks We Adore. It was a Dutch Number 1 and produced by Holland's 2013 representative, Anouk, who registered a Top 10 Eurovision placing with the song Birds. Anouk has now composed Walk Along as the country's 2015 entry, seemingly providing backing vocals to the track as well.

Unlike Birds (and Calm After the Storm) however, the song's release has come particularly early for the Dutch entry. Both The Common Linnets' and Anouk's efforts were not announced until April/May of their respective years.

Timing aside, Walk Along is revealed as a jaunty, singalong acoustic guitar-driven composition which not only highlights Trijntje's superior voice, but also the obvious talent and influence of Anouk.

Her impact belies Trijntje's preference for the jazz genre, instead giving this track a more modern pop/rock feel. Initially, it sounds more accessible than the Dutch songs of the past two years, but they both did well without the cheery banality that infects a lot of Eurovision's output.

That's not to say that Walk Along is unimaginative and uninspired. It has a good hook with a memorable chorus, although some might find irritating the obvious repetitiveness in the second half of the song.

Hopefully, that won't harm its chances in qualifying for the Final next year. I'd like to see The Netherlands there again.

How about you?

Above image by Henk Bezemer (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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