09 June 2015

Lisa Angell: I'd Do It All Again

Lisa Angell France Eurovision
Lisa Angell

Lisa Angell would like to sing for France again

Despite finishing near the bottom of the Eurovision scoreboard, France's Lisa Angell has told The Huffington Post that she would jump at the chance of representing her country again in the competition.


Understandably disappointed that her song N'oubliez pas scored just four points and only ranked 25th out of 27 entries, she initially blamed herself for the lowly placing. A Top 10 finish was in her sights, but having now reviewed her performance, she feels France's result was less about her presentation skills and more about the whole voting process eclipsing the song.

Fortunately, her entry is included on her eponymous fourth album, already released during May in the UK.

A rewarding experience

Undoubtedly, she hopes the commercial ramifications of her involvement will be even more rewarding than the realisation of her childhood dream of participating in Eurovision. After all, performing a good song in front of 200 million television viewers has it advantages. It quickly brings the artist to the attention of a wider public and enables album and concert ticket sales from places previously thought improbable.


Commercial considerations apart, her enthusiasm for entering the Eurovision fray once again is probably driven by a sense of artistic injustice, along with an acute feeling of disappointment for the French team which assisted her.

Logically, it is factors such as these which force big name artists away from participating in the Contest, much to the chagrin of its fans - especially those in the Big 5 nations who would appear to have more to lose than most.

Music and politics

As Ms. Angell has stated (and other singers have long since recognised)..."je pense que la musique et la politique, ça ne marche pas." [I think that music and politics do not work well together]. So, bravo to her for even considering a future participation in the Contest.

Lisa Angell's album is available for download at both Amazon and iTunes

Image: Nathalie Guyon / France TV

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