10 March 2015

Review: Spain: Eurovision 2015 | Edurne

By Jose Luis Heredia (Edurne) 
[CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Ruth Lorenzo caused a few ripples in 2014, but it has been a while since Spain has created a noticeably significant fuss amongst the Eurovision runners and riders. Not so this year. Even before the internally-selected release of Amanecer by Edurne, her team had been able to create a real sense of expectancy through clever hints and tempting teasers about the song.

But was there a sense of disappointment when Amanecer was finally revealed? A little, at first. With such a well-choreographed build-up to its release, I was anticipating something epic - but it didn't sound that way initially. It took several more plays to really appreciate the energy behind the creative process of the entry.

It seems that Edurne has been afforded superior production values in the creation of Amanecer, giving the track the perception of auditory opulence. The melody is layered with rousing drum work and sumptuous strings over which this attractive singer gives some of the best vocals so far heard at this Contest.

It all feeds into what has become a very visual experience: Spain's promotional efforts now include a specially produced video in which Edurne is transported to a magical landscape, complete with tiger, handsome hero and an abundance of fantasy film references.

Whether this is a clue to the staging in Austria is unclear, but if the production team can pull off the imagery and Edurne can replicate what sounds like an ambitious vocal, then a spot high in the Top 10 is not out of the question.

What do you think?

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