01 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Hungary: Kedvesem

In what seemed like a marathon national qualifier, Hungary finally chose the song Kedvesem sung by ByeAlex as its representative at Eurovision 2013.

About ByeAlex

ByeAlex is a relative newcomer in Hungary and by all accounts was not even expecting to qualify from the rounds of his national final. However, journalist Alex Márta fought through and won the televote in fine style to secure his place in Malmö.

Song Review: Kedvesem

This understated foot tapper has become one of my favourites in this year's competition. The general consensus is that because the song is sung in Hungarian, very few will be able to relate to it. This should not define whether a track is good or bad. My thoughts are that it's a simple, somewhat childlike melody that is as catchy as all get out. 

The problem is that if I like a Eurovision song, then generally the rest of Europe doesn't. I know it won't win, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will qualify. Looking at its semi-final, it may just squeak through.

Hungary perform in twelfth place (out of seventeen) in the second semi-final on May 16.

What do you think of Hungary's chances?

Image: Promotional photo


  1. Personally, it is not one of my favourites and I think it won't get out of its SF. It is immediately before Norway's entry, the SF favourite, and I therefore think it will be totally forgotten by the voters because of this. The only plus points are that it is after the totally forgettable Armenian entry and it is in SF2, where there are at least three spots up for grabs by anyone. With a spot on performance, it might stand a chance.

    As a finalist, I think it would lucky to register much more than single figures...sorry!


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