10 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Montenegro: Igranka

Who See will represent Montenegro at Eurovision 2013 with the song Igranka (Игранка : The Party).

This duo is a very popular hip-hop act in the Balkans and, quite frankly, I hope that is where they stay. I'm not a lover of rap; even less so when it's sung in Montenegrin. What possessed Montenegro to send this noise to Eurovision is beyond me. Perhaps they are trying to attract the cool vote, but even the cool kids will reject this.

They've even employed female singer Nina Žižić to break up the incomprehensible rapping, but unfortunately even her banshee wailing cannot save this. Hopefully, it will be consigned to the Eurovision rubbish bin and forgotten post haste.

The time to go and put the kettle on or take a bathroom break will be on May 14 around halfway through the first semi-final. Montenegro perform in ninth place.

Do you like this?

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  1. Harsh but probably fair! Rap has never done that well at Eurovision - the audience who appreciates it doesn't watch and those who do don't (on the whole) like rap! The difference here might be the stage show - from first rehearsal snippets, the guys are dressed as astronauts and Nina is a hot cyborg! It was a spectacle but I don't think that the uniqueness of the stage act will be enough to get it through to the Final...


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