09 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Ukraine: Gravity

Zlata Ognevich
One of the earliest Eurovision songs to be chosen for the 2013 Contest was the entry from the Ukraine: Gravity sung by Zlata Ognevich.

Zlata was the overwhelming victor at her national final held in December, with both the public and the jurors giving her top marks. It seems the bookies agree, as Gravity is currently the second favourite to win the whole shebang (behind Denmark).

I'm not altogether convinced that the odds makers have got this one right. While the Ukraine have always done well, qualifying from the semis on every occasion, my belief is that Gravity is likely to fall to Earth with a crash. Yes, it will slide into the Final with ease, and no doubt pick up some neighbourly points once there, but this is not the 2013 winner. A Top 12 placing is guaranteed, I'm sure.

It has to be said, however, that Zlata is stunning, assuring votes from some quarters.

As for the song, my thoughts are that for the most part the content is just too Disney-esque. Not to my liking, but it's making waves elsewhere.

How about you?

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  1. Zlata will have no problem qualifying from the SF as she nails this vocally EVERY TIME! She is stunning to boot and what might decide whether this is simply a top 10 or a possible winner is the staging of the live performance. Will the OTT madness of Ukrainian staging (a giant carrying her on!) help or hinder her?

    Ukraine will get their share of 6-12s on Final night - which end of that range they get will determine whether Zlata is a safe top 10 or whether we will be in Kiev in 2014...


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