11 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Serbia: Ljubav je svuda

Moje 3 Serbia Eurovision

The 2013 Eurovision song for Serbia is Ljubav je svuda (Love is Everywhere : Љубав је свуда) sung by the female trio Moje 3.

This year's song is composed by the same guy who put together the winning entry for Serbia in 2007: Molitva. Whereas the presentation of that song had class stamped across it, this one has taken a different route. While one cannot deny that these girls are easy on the eye, it seems they have opted for the trashy alternative in the hope of securing more votes.

You can have a great voice and look as sexy as you want, but if you're singing just an OK composition, it's never going to work. Visually and vocally the trio have it in the bag, but there is a disconnect when one includes the most important thing: the song. It has the hallmark of "we've heard this all before" in its construction and thus comes across as an out-of-date piece of electronic Euro pop. It's only saving graces are that it is in a ballad laden semi-final where it will be performed in last place. My gut tells me that this will be the last time it will be heard in Malmö.

Moje 3 will perform in sixteenth place in the first semi-final on May 14.

What are your feelings about the Serbian song?

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  1. I liked the stage craft in their NF and even to someone who doesn't understand Serbo-Croat, it made some sense (Devil vs Angel to get the ear of the other girl). The costumes have been changed in Malmo and it makes no sense at all! Whether they were told that having one dressed as the Devil would lose votes or what, this is now a mess as they rely totally on their vocals and only the blonde is good live. I think is is now a definite non-qualifier unless the regional vote helps them but I think even they might be voting elsewhere...

    If it does reach the Final, it'll be stuck near the bottom...


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