12 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: United Kingdom: Believe in Me

As we all know, Bonnie Tyler has accepted the BBC's invitation to represent the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest with her latest single, Believe in Me.

Taken from her latest album, Rocks and Honey, Believe in Me is a mid-tempo country ballad that builds to a catchy crescendo, but lacks a memorable last few bars. As a Brit myself, I want this to work and in many ways it does. One cannot deny Bonnie's pedigree as a singer, performer and hitmaker, but in the back of my mind, I would have preferred this song to be more like Total Eclipse of the Heart than Lost in France. In fact, Bonnie herself has been quoted as saying that she would have chosen a different track from the album:
"I would have picked a power ballad myself, this is the most gentle track on the album...there is another Desmond Child song called Stubborn, which has got a bit more energy to it, but if they wanted a power ballad, All I Ever Wanted is fantastic, and that was written by Frank Myers."
Without question, the song lacks the energy of many of the other entries, so it will now depend on the vocals and the presentation on the night. Bonnie will be backed by a four-piece band, who will also contribute to the vocals. Footage from the rehearsal shows the legendary singer working the stage and, in the final moments, raised on a platform to command the arena.

All in all, everything looks and sounds good so far. I'd love to see her win, even if just to silence all the critics - particularly those in the UK.

However, we now hold our collective breaths and wait until Friday to discover where in the running order the UK will perform.

What are your thoughts about Bonnie Tyler's chances?

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  1. 2013 is much the same as 2012 for me as a Brit - hear who has been chosen to represent us and be really enthusiastic, thinking we might be in with a chance of a win; then see some live footage of the song in question and my heart dips a bit to us getting a Top 5 on a good day; then seeing the competition and how much better the majority are singing live and resign myself that a top 10 would be the best we could hope for.

    The draw may help Bonnie (I have read that the UK will NOT be drawn as badly as last year) but I still think that up against the live vocal powerhouses of Italy, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan and the memorability of Denmark, Norway and Germany that the UK will not be a contender for the top half of the table, let alone the title. I just hope I am wrong...


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