11 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: Moldova: O Mie

Aliona Moon
Aliona Moon
Moldova has decided to send a backing singer who was part of last year's Moldovan entry to represent the nation's hopes at this year's Eurovision. Aliona Moon will sing O Mie (A Million), a song composed by the 2012 representative, Pasha Parfeny.

Since first competing in 2005, Moldova's results have been reasonably good. It's 2007 entry scraped into the Top 10 and the past two years have seen it finish fairly high on the left hand side of the scoreboard. So what will 2013 hold?

O Mie is yet another dramatic ballad in a year when ballads dominate. Having listened to her rehearsal footage, Aliona handles the vocals better than I would have anticipated. I'm just not a fan of her voice. And the song itself does not have the wow factor. Its slow pace at the beginning left me disinterested, while there was not enough of what made the track eventually pop. A case of too little, too late.

So, will this qualify for the final? For me, this is tough to call. There are several entries that I have already earmarked for missing the cut, but this was not among them. The spectacle of the volcanic dress may help, but shouldn't we be past the use of such gimmicks? We should be. Based on the song alone, I can see this finishing 11th or 12th in its semi-final. But there's also the onstage Pasha Parfeny factor to consider.

Aliona Moon will sing in position twelve of the first semi-final on May 14.

What are your thoughts about Moldova.

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  1. Aliona has a brilliant live vocal but I am not sure if swapping from English is the right move. For Eurovision aficionados, singing in your own language is everything but for televoters? I think Moldova is still a likely qualifier but not obviously so now - it is in ballad heavy SF1 but its original staging may make it memorable.

    In the Final I think it will be safe mid-table, nothing better, nothing worse...


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