23 April 2013

Eurovision 2013: Denmark: Only Teardrops

Emmelie de Forest
Image by Okras (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Denmark's 20-year-old Emmelie de Forest apparently holds the key to this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Her song, Only Teardrops, remains the favourite among bookmakers and much of the public alike.

While I can see the attraction: pretty girl, young, nice catchy song with English lyrics, I'm a little underwhelmed with the track. Unlike Euphoria last year, Only Teardrops does not reflect current musical tastes. In its musicality, it unearths a time when Ireland was winning the Contest on the bounce. At its worst, the song is a reminder of the late Sixties, when Boom Bang-A-Bang was completely out of step with the denim clad progressive rockers or hippie psychedelia. But then, look what happened to Lulu's song: joint winner.

It's certainly going to stay in your head after a couple of plays and this can only help its chances. Easily a qualifier from its semi-final and if it's not the winning entry, a Top 3 placing is assured.

Denmark will perform in fifth place in the first semi-final on May 14th.

Is Only Teardrops your winning song?

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  1. Yes, it is!

    It has everything a Eurovision winner needs - a superb live vocal, a quirky singer (no shoes, hippy chick dress), great staging (flute, drums aplenty) and the backing or bookies/OGAE clubs alike. It has intelligent lyrics, it hooks you in and stays in your head, then builds to an amazing climax - can you tell I think this will win? :)

    I don't think it matters whether it conforms to current musical tastes or not - some said that Loreen was 5 years out of date last year! It'll breeze through the SF and should win the whole thing - Copenhagen is a beautiful city and ironically only a bridge away from Malmo...


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