23 April 2013

Eurovision 2013: Cyprus: An Me Thimase

On Valentine's Day this year, Cyprus presented its entry for Eurovision 2013: An Me Thimase (Αν Με Θυμάσαι) to be sung by Despina Olympiou.

Despina is a well established singer in Cyprus who has previously studied music in London. Her career began in the early 1990s, when her talent was called upon as a musical collaborator with a number of Greek artists. Since then, she has released six albums, all of which have met with tremendous success in her homeland and across in Greece.

This led to her selection as the singer of the Cypriot entry by the local broadcaster. An Me Thimase (English:  If You Think of Me) is a simple love ballad that would not be amiss if it was heard on a country music radio station in the US. It has a beautiful melody and for most of the song Ms Olympiou is accompanied by just a guitar, with the occasional presence of a piano.

While its simplicity and beauty are evident, it is not strong enough for Eurovision. There is a hook, but that hook is not going to land the voters of Europe, I believe. It's possible that it may make it through its semi-final and if it should, I foresee it being left in the dust by stiff competition. 7/10.

Cyprus presents its song in 14th place of the first semi-final on May 14th.

What do you think of Cyprus's chances?

The English version:


The Spanish version:


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  1. A truly beautiful song to match its singer (her only competition being Zlata from the Ukraine in that respect) and I really, really hope it gets through to the Final but I have a feeling it may miss out. Cyprus's possible saving grace is that she is between the two worst live singers in the competition that I have seen (Ryan for Ireland and Roberto for Belgium) and that, combined with the draw where she sings 14th, may give Despina a chance of success. Unfortunately SF1 is loaded loads of ballads, the rest sung as well live as her.

    As you hint, if it does get to Saturday, it will be low scoring...


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