24 April 2013

Eurovision 2013: Estonia: Et uus saaks alguse

This year's Eurovision entry for Estonia is Et uus saaks alguse (New Beginning), sung by the gorgeous Birgit Õigemeel.

Hailing from Tallinn, Birgit first came to public attention in her homeland as the 2007 winner of the Estonian version of Pop Idol: Eesti otsib superstaari (literally, Estonia is looking for a superstar). This has led to the release of three albums of music so far and two previous attempts to represent Estonia at Eurovision (2008 and 2012).

At her national final this year, she was up against ten other entries vying for a place in Malmö. Et uus saaks alguse qualified for the two song super final and, following a televote, won the right to be performed in Sweden.

This song is one of several ballads travelling to Malmö this year. Unfortunately, its country flavouring is going to get lost in the mix of stronger competition. It's a pretty melody, but ultimately it goes nowhere. There's no real hook and, for me, it suffers from the constraints of the language barrier. There is an English lyric, but my understanding is that it will be sung in Estonian.

It's not awful, but then it's not memorable either. Unlikely to qualify from its semi final. 5/10.

Estonia will perform in second place in the first semi-final on May 14.

What are your feelings about this song?

Image: Promotional photo.

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  1. It's a shame because I really like this - Birgit is easy on the eye, sings beautifully but in a year (and SF) of ballads, I think, like you, it will get forgotten by the voters, especially following Austria and before Slovenia's up tempo number.

    I would love to say I'd be hearing it twice Eurovision week but I think Estonia's path will finish 10 minutes into the first SF...


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