25 March 2015

Review: San Marino: Eurovision 2015 | Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola

Anita Simoncini / Michele Perniola
San Marino: Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola 
There was a collective expression of denial in Eurovision circles when Valentina Monetta finally decided to hang up her microphone last year, after three consecutive appearances at the Contest.

Her persistence enabled tiny San Marino to qualify for the Finals for the first time, but the hope was that this trailblazing attitude would spur the microstate into even bigger and better things.

Sadly, it's disappointing to report that the internally-selected Chain of Lights, sung by former Junior Eurovision competitors Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola, does not live up to expectations. That's surprising, not in the least because once again, veteran songwriter and composer Ralph Siegel has provided San Marino with its entry.

Chain of Lights is his fourth consecutive composition for the enclave and it begins promisingly, introducing a ponderous string section punctuated by drums and piano, together with the pleasing tones of the duo's vocals. Fine, so far - the chorus is prettily impressive - but with lyrics such as, "Let's make the world a better place", we all know where this is heading.

The song takes a turn for the worse when the saccharine levels are swiftly set to 'high' and it begins to sound like an overly sentimental concoction one might have heard at a 1980s Miss World contest. It's all compounded by the superfluous inclusion of a second vocalist: in particular, Anita Simoncini. Her voice is fine, but Perniola's is better. Instead of the two voices blending, she establishes herself more as an accessory than a necessity.

It's not entirely a car wreck, though. With someone of the reputation of Siegel, one would expect a well-crafted song. It's certainly that. However, there's an overwhelming sense that it is just a little too bland for its own good; ill-suited to the Contest in 2015. Its presence in the Final may justify an irrational desire, but sadly, Chain of Lights will likely cause San Marino to struggle to qualify.

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