14 January 2015

Eurovision 2015: Georgia: Nina Sublatti: Warrior

Nina Sublatti to sing Warrior
In what was probably one of the shortest Eurovision national finals I have seen, Georgia announced today that the song Warrior will represent the nation in Vienna in May. It is written and composed by its 19-year-old singer, Nina Sublatti.

Unlike last year's internal selection, the Georgian broadcaster opted for this national final of five songs, the result of which was decided by a 50/50 public/jury split vote. Warrior narrowly won the international judges' choice by a margin of two points, while the song also triumphed in the two week's worth of text voting by the public.

The announcement came during what looked like Georgia's answer to the BBC's The One Show - only with surlier presenters. The competitors were brought together, interviewed for a few seconds while a clip of their songs was played. The international jury then delivered their votes and, after around twenty-five minutes of the show, Nina was heralded as the winner in the most understated way.

A few minutes later, we saw her looking extremely bored as she sat on a couch having to listen to what seemed to be one of the most irritating women in the history of broadcasting. Barely a few sentences were uttered by Nina, but sadly, her compatriot was unable to shut-up for very long. Not that I understood a word!

Warrior, however, is in English, although at times it is difficult to tell. I haven't heard Nina speak in English, but assuming she does talk the language, I'm guessing there would be a heavy accent. There is certainly evidence of one in her singing voice.

Her vocal abilities aren't too bad, though. She is the product and winner of another one of those national television talent shows along the lines of Pop Idol and The X-Factor and has already released a collection of songs for her home market. She obviously enjoys the power pop/indie pop styling, seemingly embracing the image of an Eighties influenced pop/rocker.

Warrior sounds like a product of that era. If you were around back then, imagine Pat Benatar singing something like this. A kind of cross between We Belong and Love is a Battlefield, only without the memorable hook. It may be helped in that regard by the necessary changes it requires to satisfy the three-minute rule. It overruns the timing quite considerably at the moment.

Nevertheless, this was probably the best of a bad bunch. Somewhat better than Georgia's 2014 entry, but not strong enough to be a contender in Austria. My gut tells me that a second Warrior (see Malta) in Vienna is probably two warriors too many.

What do you think?

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