22 March 2015

Review: Norway: Eurovision 2015 | Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

Could it be a monster hit for Mørland and Debrah Scarlett in Vienna?
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Norway's Eurovision national final this year was a slimmed-down version of its usual huge production, with the broadcast of just a single show featuring the eleven songs vying for a place in Vienna. By the time, the event reached its "Gold Final" of four songs, it was clear that the competition had become a two-horse race between Erlend Bratland's electropop offering, Thunderstruck, and A Monster Like Me, a sedate ballad by the eventual winners, Mørland and Debrah Scarlett.

Beginning the song in almost hushed tones, Mørland delivers the lyrics like a confessional "I’m telling the truth I did something terrible in my early youth..." Sounding similar to a Gothic horror/soap opera combo, the mood is sinister and dark, much as if the lyrics had been ripped from the pages of a nineteenth century mystery novel.

The confessional becomes a conversation as Debrah's rich vocals interrupt the revelations and the live orchestra builds the composition to a satisfying key change, allowing the whole concoction to arrive at a natural conclusion.

Once it has finished, the listener is left none the wiser about the nature of the "terrible thing", but that should not deter anyone from thinking seriously about giving this slow-burner a few votes. It's a serious contender for the most impressive duet in this year's Eurovision, so Norway should have no problem qualifying from their semi.

What are your thoughts?

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