12 February 2012

Eurovision 2012: Hungary, Iceland, Norway Decide

Three nations decided upon their representative songs for Baku yesterday, with Hungary, Iceland and Norway each completing their National Finals.

1. Hungary has chosen the group Compact Disco, a name which sent up red flags to begin with, but having heard the song, it's not what one might think. The entry is Sound of Our Hearts and the recorded version sounds pretty good. However, the live vocals were a disappointment, so they're going to have to get those sorted out before their semi-final.

As for the song, think of sub par Gary Numan and Ultravox circa 1981 and you'll get an idea of the content. It's not bad, but it's not that great: 6/10.
(Listen here)

2. Iceland's winner is Gréta and Jónsi singing Mundu Eftir Mér, which Google Translate tells me means Remember Me. Iceland generally have no trouble in choosing a decent song for Europe and this year is no exception. This time the island nation serves up a male/female duo with fine voices. Backing singers enhance the feel of the song. In fact, the entry has a very dramatic atmosphere to it, with some Celtic sounding violins added for good measure. It wouldn't be out of place at the Irish National Final of, say, fifteen years ago. Hoping for an English version. Nevertheless, good song: 8/10.
(Listen here)

3. Norway has chosen the song Stay sung by Iranian-born, minor TV personality Tooji. If you remember Sweden's Eric Saade from last year, then you have got a pretty good idea what to expect here.

Tooji is almost a carbon copy lookalike to Saade, but while his song Popular had an almost instant hook, Stay does not have that appeal. Yes, it's an electronic-style dance tune with some Middle Eastern styling (no doubt included to appeal to the host country and its immediate neighbours), but I can't see it being as popular as...Popular: 7/10.
(Listen here)

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