31 March 2014

2014 Eurovision Compilation Album Set For Release

Eurovision Song Contest Album 2014
One of the highlights of the annual Eurovision Song Contest is the release of the compilation album containing all of the songs taking part in the competition. While several of the tracks have been available individually on iTunes, Amazon UK report that the entire collection of 37 songs for 2014 will be up for grabs on both CD and download from April 14. This date may be subject to change.

Not only is every song from Albania to the United Kingdom included, but this year the bonus track is the latest single from last year's winner, Emmelie de Forest. Rainmaker is the official song for this year's competition and will be performed live during the final.


To pre-order (before April 14) or order the album from the Amazon UK site, see the link below. As I write, if you purchase the CD you will also access the MP3 version for free.

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