28 March 2014

Eurovision 2014: Denmark: Cliché Love Song

Basim: Courtesy Facebook
Three weeks have passed since the final of this year's Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in Odense, Denmark. As we now know, Basim and his Cliché Love Song won the Superfinal and will head the short distance to Copenhagen as the Danish representative.

Basim is not unknown in Denmark, having appeared on the country's version of The X-Factor in 2008. Though he was voted out at the quarterfinal stage, he has maintained a presence on both Danish television and in the nation's music charts.

Cliché Love Song follows a series of hits for the young singer - it currently sits at Number 5 in the Danish Top 40, having peaked at Number 2 - but this one is undoubtedly his biggest.

Basim describes it as a pop song with "a hint of soul and R&B". I can't argue with that, but you may be forgiven for thinking that there is more than a hint of Bruno Mars in the track and the presentation. I'm pretty sure I've heard that whistle on one of Bruno's songs and the melody and vocal styling are very familiar.

Of course, Basim is not alone in his overly generous nod to the current music scene. Belarus's TEO has done exactly the same thing with his Blurred Lines ripoff, Cheesecake. The difference between that and Cliché Love Song is that the latter is really quite enjoyable. Others must be thinking the same thing as Denmark's odds are growing shorter by the day. They are currently listed as fourth favourite by some bookies.

That betting may not be too way off the mark. With an automatic pass to the final this year, Denmark already have a slight advantage: performing 23rd on the night. Combine that with a home crowd, an energetic performance and a memorable toe-tapper of a tune and I wouldn't be surprised to see Denmark's name close to the top of the scoreboard again.

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