14 February 2012

Eurovision 2012: Alena Lanskaya: All My Life

Belarus has now chosen its 2012 Eurovision song to be heard in Baku in May. It's sung by Alena Lanskaya and is called All My Life.

To be honest, I can't think of anything positive to describe the Belorussian song. It's bland, boring and holds as much interest as watching your next door neighbour's paint dry. I did listen to it three times to try and find some redeeming feature. Nope, couldn't find one.

Ms Lanskaya is attractive with a strong voice, but she quite obviously has problems with the English language. I couldn't understand a lot of what she was singing and, quite frankly, I couldn't care what she was singing about.

Belarus has been known to hastily change its song selection in the past and the powers-that-be would be well advised to do the same this year.(As we know, this is exactly what happened). Generously a 4/10.

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