29 March 2018

Fuego / Eleni Foureira / Cyprus | Review

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After having made several attempts to represent Greece at Eurovision, Eleni Foureira has now been internally selected to sing for Cyprus in Lisbon. She has enjoyed a career as not only a singer but also as a dancer, actress and television personality amassing impressive record sales in both Cyprus and Greece. In early March her Eurovision entry Fuego (Fire) was revealed.

Fuego | Eleni Foureira | Eurovision Cyprus
It's gonna get Hot in Lisbon!
The song is a classic Euro-pop dance track written by another serial Eurovison composer, Alex P. Based in Stockholm, the half-Greek half-Swedish producer has been behind such entries as Always (Azerbaijan 2009), Yassou Maria (Greece 2007) and La La Love (Cyprus 2012), so you know what to expect from Fuego.

If the video is anything to go by, Eleni is highly likely to send the temperature skywards, particularly if she decides to "wear" something similar to what can be seen below. She’s certainly dripping with Mediterranean sensuality and is likely to increase the heart rate of a good slice of the audience by just watching her performance.

Although Foureira may have the visuals sewn up, what of the song? In many ways, it's the type of upbeat composition Eurovision fans would anticipate hearing at the Contest. In fact, much of the hardcore fandom went wild for it once the song went public. Composed by a Swede, one would probably expect to have heard it during Melodifestivalen as it is somewhat generically constructed - although it tries hard to shroud itself in Greek embellishment.

As such, one would assume that it will easily score well with Greece and Albania – both in their semi final and both of which are in the habit of voting favourably for Cyprus. In addition to that, and considering the excitement already shown for Fuego, it'll probably have wide enough appeal to make it to the Grand Final.

However, for all its soft porn leanings, the proof of the pudding will be in the vocals. A lot of auto-tuning is evident in the video, so the live performance will prove interesting. Not this year's winner but a low Top 15 placing is a possibility.

Artist: Eleni Foureira
Song: Fuego 
Semi-Final 1 | Second Half

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