23 February 2018

Non mi avete fatto niente / Meta & Moro / Italy | Review

Ermal Meta | Fabrizio Moro | Italy Eurovision
Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro 
And so, arguably, we come to one of the major players of the Eurovision Song Contest: Italy.

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Despite having been rated as one of the odds-on favourites last year, their 2017 song ultimately stumbled at the final hurdle. However, Italy seem as if they’re just lying in wait for their first victory since their return in 2011. By attracting candidates from the San Remo festival, the country has provided Eurovision with a significant level of accomplished artistes and exceptional compositions.

So, 2018 brings us Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, cobbled together for the Italian competition and winning it with Non mi avete fatto niente (You Didn't Do Anything to Me). Confirming their participation in Lisbon, the pair arrive in the Eurovision world with some notable commercial achievements – two Italian Number 1 albums for Ermal; five albums featured in the Italian Top 20 for Fabrizio, as well as five Top 10 singles.

Joining forces for San Remo was obviously a great idea. Significant sales in Italy and very much in the public eye, the pair also needed a strong song too. Non mi avete fatto niente unites classic Italian rock/pop with an emotionally charged lyric which may have some problems making the required impact on stage. Singing in your native language may be admirable, but when you're trying to relay a meaningful message, it's probably not the wisest decision. Particularly a message as wordy as this one.

So this begs the question: can an Italian message song about suffering, yet thwarting, terrorism win Eurovision? Many others have come to the contest with similarly impressive and emotive material, only to crash in flames when the votes were announced.

Ultimately, it’s a question for which I don’t have a response. As it stands, the song really doesn't have much of a hook and this could be too alienating for those seeking something they can readily hum along to later.

Time (and an obligatory tweak or two) will tell, but right now I’ll make a risky prediction and say that (as it's) Italy this could end up within the Top 10. Whether it has the clout to climb any higher will obviously hinge upon what the rest of the competition produces over the coming days…

What do you think?

Artists: Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro
Song: Non mi avete fatto niente
Big 5 Finalist

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