20 February 2018

Higher Ground / Rasmussen / Denmark | Review

Rasmussen / Denmark / Eurovision 2018
Rasmussen to take the Higher Ground in Lisbon

In the lead-up to the recent Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Rasmussen had been the bookmaker's favourite to triumph with the Viking-influenced anthem Higher Ground. For once, their prediction was spot-on. From an otherwise fairly bland collection, the Danes overwhelmingly endorsed the 32-year-old singer/actor in the super-final with 50% of the vote. 

Flag Denmark
It's probably no surprise as Higher Ground pulls in threads from Nordic cultural heritage with distinct references to the Vikings. The song succeeds in creating a dark and moody tone, integrating a potent drumbeat along with the embellishment of macho grunts and chants. All this and a memorable chorus, too!

With those references established, the lyrics offer a surprising counterpoint to the generally accepted notion of the Viking culture. Finding peaceful solutions to any violent hostility is the message here; a sentiment expressed by Magnus Erlendsson, a Viking who refused to fight because of his religious convictions.

So, with the explicit theme of the song defined, it’s not difficult to conceive what's going to happen onstage with this - after all, there was more than a hint of the plans at DMGP.

With such an eye-catching presentation, the whole package suggests that Higher Ground is liable to do precisely what the Danes require of it – get them effortlessly into the final and calmly stack up sufficient points for a creditable finish.

I'm not totally convinced, but this is the entry that seems to have gone to the top of many Eurovision fans' lists so far - an early indication that it could do quite well. However, it's by no means a certainty with around three quarters of the songs still unannounced.

Artist: Rasmussen
Song: Higher Ground 
Semi-Final 2 | First Half

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