24 February 2016

Eurovision 2016: Review: Switzerland: Rykka: The Last of Our Kind

Rykka / Switzerland / Eurovision 2016
Rykka is a Vancouver-based singer who has received
several nominations for music awards in Canada
After what seemed like months of Eurovision haggling, the Swiss selection for the 2016 Contest came down to a six horse race where Rykka, with The Last of Our Kind, was chosen to represent the country.

The Canadian-born singer has all the elements to make a big impression in the world of pop: she has the look of a young Kim Wilde, the vulnerability and sexiness of Marilyn Monroe - all wrapped in the energy of Pink and Sia.

While performance and perception are a huge part in helping an artist on their way to stardom, so is the delivery of the product.

In Rykka's case - most definitely in her live rendition of The Last of Our Kind - her bid for stardom could easily be derailed. The song itself wants to be liked - and in many respects it is likeable, if not loveable. However, it's Rykka's vocals which make you want to turn down the volume or switch it off altogether.

Yet the studio version is a wholly different kettle of fish. It sounds fresh and modern and, most importantly, in tune! Here, Rykka's voice is more mesmerising than mutilating. Her vocals mix well with the mid-tempo melody which eventually cajoles its way into your subconscious. Just as you reach the second chorus, you find yourself humming along to the song - something it was difficult to achieve during the live final.

Therein lies Switzerland's problem: a good song sung by a not so good live singer. If Rykka repeats what was heard during the Swiss national final, it's highly unlikely The Last of Our Kind will participate in Stockholm's arena on May 14. Improve the vocals, however, and the song could surprise everyone.

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