14 February 2016

Eurovision 2016: Review: Malta: Ira Losco: Chameleon

Ira Losco / Eurovision 2016 / Malta
Ira Losco to sing for Malta
It seemed something of a foregone conclusion that Ira Losco should win the Maltese selection for Eurovision. With her contest background and two songs in the selection process, it didn't surprise many when Chameleon  was chosen to go to Stockholm - although her alternate (That's Why I Love You) seemed to have the bigger support from Eurovision fans.

That said, this particular review may just be a total waste of time because there are murmurings that Malta may decide to ditch Chameleon altogether and go with another song. Watch this space.

In the meantime, we are left with this cleverly disguised mash-up of Loreen's Euphoria and Cascada's Glorious. Unfortunately, it does not have the impact of either song, instead meandering between club anthem and heartfelt ballad - and not really hitting the bullseye on either score.

That's not to say that Ira doesn't sell the song for all it's worth. As usual her vocals are great - even if they sounded a little strained at the national final - and she easily connects with the sincerity and the sentiment of the lyrical content. And, of course, she always looks stunning - a plus when you're trying to win over a sceptical audience.

It's a well documented fact that she did just that back at Eurovision 2002 when she secured a close runners-up position behind Latvia with the song 7th Wonder. But can she do it again? In its present format, it's unlikely. However, if the Maltese broadcaster decides to tweak it sufficiently to make it more memorable, it could score very well - particularly in the semi-final stages.

Of course, we could be listening to a completely different song within the next few weeks. Is that entirely fair? Particularly to all those among the Maltese public who voted for Chameleon  (a better title would be Invincible,  incidentally).

What do you think?


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