05 March 2015

Review: Moldova: Eurovision 2015 | Eduard Romanyuta

Eduard Romanyuta wants your love in Vienna
Amid accusations of corruption and plagiarism, Ukrainian singer and three-time finalist in Ukraine's national Eurovision selection, Eduard Romanyuta, won the right to represent Moldova last weekend with the song I Want Your Love.

Eduard and his team were preparing for another national final in his home country until political and financial crises forced Ukraine to withdraw. Fortunately for him, Moldova opened its doors to international singers and writers allowing him to enter I Want Your Love, a song written with Eurovision in mind. It was composed with the assistance of a group of international songwriters. Among them are Erik Lewander from Sweden, Hayley Aitken from Australia and Tom Andrews from England who had previously worked with global superstars and producers such as Britney Spears, Sarah Connor and RedOne.

The problem is that you are left in no doubt of the influence of Britney Spears' trademark sound on this catchy dance song. The backing track and the creative package reeks of any one of her album tracks from around fifteen years ago. Strangely though, the allegations of plagiarism do not involve her songs.

Listen to It's Like That by Mariah Carey and Liberty X's Just A Little and these give a big clue as to why so many are charging Romanyuta and his crew with copying elements of those tracks. Perhaps equally, or even more concerning, are the accusations of vote rigging, not only with the jurors but also with the televote. As it stands though, until any charges are found to be proved true, this is the song that will represent Moldova in Vienna. It's going to need some major reworking before it gets there, though.

I've read that Eduard has won many national and international song festivals already. All I can say is that his competition could not have been up to much, as his live vocals in Chișinău last Saturday night sounded grim.

The same could be said for the rest of the presentation. Sloppy and lumbering choreography, the sense that all of the participants had dressed in the dark and the cringeworthy attempt at a comedic ending only added to the perception of amateur night at your local club.

In the hands of someone else this song might work. As it stands, Moldova's Eurovision ambitions are doomed.

What do you think?

Image by Micromaloy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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