02 February 2015

Eurovision 2015: Switzerland: Mélanie René: Time to Shine

Mélanie René: the 2015 Swiss representative
Following a selection process that began last July, it was announced this past Saturday evening that Time to Shine, written and performed by Mélanie René, would represent Switzerland at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

She was one of six performers who took part in Die Entscheidungsshow (The Decision), Switzerland's live national final broadcast from the city of Kreuzlingen, which lies in the north-eastern part of the country.

The contestants were not only asked to present their respective Eurovision prospect, but also a cover of a well-known hit. Mélanie chose Sia's recent chart success, Chandelier.

When you hear Time to Shine, Chandelier was not really a surprising choice by the 24-year-old, who was born in Geneva of Mauritian heritage. It follows that song's indie pop / synth pop feel, while throwing in elements of Eighties electro and a short guitar solo for good measure.

Even so, of all the entries so far announced, Time to Shine sounds the most current and, in doing so, at least tries to appeal to a younger demographic. As well as Sia, comparisons could also be made with other modern female singers: the stripped back sound of Lorde comes to mind, as does the urban beat of Katy B. It's certainly a song which one could imagine hearing on contemporary radio shows.

Does this mean the composition could do well at Eurovision? Compared to the few entries which have already been announced, it rates very favourably. For me, it's the type of song that should do well - but quite often what is good and what works well at the Contest are two entirely different entities.

There is a hook - which is crucial. However, if you're like me, it may take several listens to fully appreciate it. Immediacy is not its friend, then. Nor is the slightly older core audience of the extravaganza.

That said, I'm hoping younger viewers of the second semi-final - Switzerland has the advantage of a second half performance place - will push it up the scoreboard far enough to allow it to qualify. Mélanie is obviously a talented young lady, who benefits from a great voice and is blessed with good looks. She deserves to be in the Final.

What do you think?

Intro image: Mélanie René - Facebook

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