23 April 2014

Eurovision 2014: Israel: Same Heart

Israel: Mei Feingold
There are several songs in this year's Eurovision that could be hits without the benefit of the competition and Same Heart by Israel's Mei Feingold is one of them. 
Up until now, Miss Feingold's claim to fame has been her third place finish in Kokhav Nolad, Israel's version of Pop Idol. She has also successfully ventured into musical theatre, gathering a couple of respectable awards along the way.

However, Mei's voice lends itself to the soft rock genre and this is probably why she has found fame in her homeland as lead singer with the rock band, Limozina Express. But is there any hope that the good people watching and listening to the Eurovision Song Contest this year will vote for this rock chick? If there is any justice, they should. 

It's been a long time coming, but Israel look to have produced a song in Same Heart that is deserving of the win.
It manages to combine all that is good in rock, pop and dance music, stretching the singer's stunning voice better than almost all among the contestants this year.
The lyrics move swiftly between English and Hebrew (language changes have been something of a problem previously in determining Eurovision winners) but Ms Feingold's vocals seem to give just as much meaning whichever language she chooses to sing in. 

But will she match the power of the studio version live in Copenhagen? Having seen a couple of her Pop Idol performances on video, I can't imagine she will have a problem at all.
My belief is that there will be no surprises with Israel this year and that Mei's rocker sensibilities will see her through to the final.  

Same Heart is my dark horse of 2014 and the song and Mei Feingold's performance should wow audiences in the grand final.

Image by: רותם ברנר [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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