28 February 2014

Eurovision 2014: Poland: My Słowianie (Slavic Girls)

Polish television has decided that the song My Słowianie (Slavic Girls), performed by Donatan and Cleo, will represent Poland at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

The choice was made based on the verdict of a specially appointed committee, which included both journalists and music experts. An important part of the selection process were also fans of the competition in Poland, who corresponded with Polish Television by sending in their proposals and suggestions. 

The result was My Słowianie (Slavic Girls), a track which has been one of the most popular in Poland since it debuted in early November 2013, enjoying more than 15 million views on YouTube in its first three days of release.

The video's popularity may be due more to the appearance of several buxom Slavic Girls than the music content, though. It has the appearance of a modern day Carry On film or something that Benny Hill may be producing now. Lots of low slung cleavage, sadly minus the humour.

Apparently it's meant to be a parody, but without knowledge of the language, it just falls flat - unlike the heaving chests. There is now an English version, but to be honest, that doesn't help to throw any light on the subject matter.

What we can tell is that the song is an attempt to fuse hip-hop with Polish folk music and culture, hence the traditional costumes of the girls. Cleo is a little "screechy" with her vocals and, to me, the entire feel of the track is reminiscent of I Don't Care by Icona Pop.

That musical styling was a big hit and I have a feeling that Donatan and Cleo can be assured of enough votes in their semi-final on May 8 to take them through to the following Saturday's big event.

It's one of the Contest's better entries so far, but I don't see it as the winner. How about you?

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