26 February 2014

Eurovision 2014: Macedonia: To the Sky

Tijana Dapčević By Petkowsky [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
In addition to the various national finals and semi-finals last weekend, Macedonia's 2014 Eurovision effort was also unveiled for public scrutiny. For months we've known that Tijana Dapčević will be the vocalist, but it was on Saturday that the English title was confirmed as To the Sky (Macedonian: Таму кај што припаѓам).

Tijana Dapčević is no stranger to Eurovision, having tried to represent Macedonia on three former occasions, as well as taking part in Serbia and Montenegro's 2006 national final. She has finally succeeded through an internal selection, singing a club song composed by last year's Macedonian writers.

To the Sky is very different from Pred da se razdeni, though. It's much more accessible than that song and wouldn't be out of place on the playlists in Ibiza. And while the sound is David Guetta, the look is P!nk - just without the attitude.

The problem is, can Tijana deliver a good live performance in Copenhagen? So far, we've only seen her mime to playback. And will she opt for the English or Macedonian lyric? Many have commented that she should stay with the latter but, more often than not, a song sung in English performs better with the voters.

Whichever she chooses, To the Sky has the potential to be Macedonia's best performing entry yet. At the moment, it's witnessing a lot of positive feedback and is one the best of the bunch amongst those already announced. I like it and I hope it returns the country to the Final.

Here's the Macedonian version. Which do you prefer?

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