05 February 2014

Eurovision 2014: Finland: Something Better

Finland: Softengine
Eight acts lined up for the Finnish Eurovision national final in Espoo last Saturday evening and once the jury and public votes were combined, the five-member rock band Softengine triumphed with the song, Something Better.

Most years, you can depend on Finland to bring something a little different to Eurovision. Lordi instantly comes to mind, as well as last year's representative Krista Siegfrids and that kiss.

The 2014 entry looks set to continue this tradition, when some teenage Britpop will take to the stage during the second semi-final. Eurovision traditionalists will, no doubt, detest Softengine's thrashing rock song and dismiss it as nothing more than a gimmick. But, the competition has survived into the 21st century and Scandinavia now appear to be leading the way.

Something Better is just that. It brings some much needed credibility to Eurovision, even if it is offered up by a bunch of kids. It's catchy in the sense that it's memorable, but there is no sugar coating here. It's as far removed from your 'normal' Eurosong as you can get, though still commercial enough to capture the ear of a discerning Eurovision audience.

This one just may be this year's sleeper. It's fresh, energetic and enthusiastic. More importantly, it's performed in the second half of the second semi-final, which should give it a distinct advantage in qualifying for the Grand Final.

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