13 May 2013

Eurovision 2013: San Marino: Crisalide (Vola)

Valentina Monetta returns to Eurovision this year, once again representing San Marino. This time she will be singing Crisalide (Vola) [Chrysalis (You'll Be Flying)].

Ralph Siegel is the composer once more, but the song is as far away as one can get from the ridiculous Social Network Song from last year. Instead, what is offered is a soaring ballad that switches rhythm in the last minute to become a storming uptempo number. Marry that with a powerful singer and performer and you have the makings of something special from San Marino.

Since its debut in 2008, the tiny republic has never qualified for the final (its best placing was last year when it managed fourteenth in the semis). 2013 looks set to change that form. There is a deserved buzz about Crisalide and its strength in this year's Contest is undeniable. It's definitely a qualifier and, who knows, we may all be watching the 2014 competition in San Marino.

Valentina Monetta will sing in second place in the second semi-final on May 16.

What are your thoughts about Crisalide?

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  1. This shows that Valentina is an excellent singer and that given the right song she can get San Marino into the Final for the first time ever! It is in the semi with fewer ballads and I expect there to be no problems with it qualifying, especially as it has Latvia and Macedonia either side of it to make it sound REALLY GOOD!

    As for the Final, I think a Top 10 is not beyond it - maybe top 5 is a bit too optimistic but Valentina will be a national hero on Sunday 19th May!


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