25 February 2012

Eurovision 2012: Austria and Belarus Song Reviews

Over the past week, several nations have chosen their songs for Eurovision 2012, including Austria and Belarus. In fact, it's all change in Belarus as Alena Lanskaya has been thrown aside amid voting controversy. In her place comes the second placed act, Litesound.

However, let's start with Austria. They've chosen the wonderfully named duo Trackshittaz with the song Woki mit deim Popo, translated as Shake Your Ass. Resplendent with three pole dancers, the male duo have a good time shaking their rear ends to a track that sounds like something from The Beastie Boys' back catalogue. Lots of chanting, repetitive lyrics and a hip-hop beat that doesn't give up.

You're either going to love this one or hate it. Personally, I think it's a pile of TrackSHITtaz, but I have a sneaking feeling it will qualify for the final. 4/10.

On to Belarus, who we all thought had already decided upon its song. Originally, we thought it was Alena Lanskaya with All My Life, but her appearance at the semi-finals has been cut amid a row about some crafty voting irregularities. Step up boy band Litesound with the song, We Are the Heroes. Yes, leave it to Belarus to send a song with a title like that!

The song itself sounds a whole lot better than All My Life, but then so would a cat farting into a cup. We Are the Heroes is pretty much a generic power pop track with the drawback of some heavily accented vocals from the lead singer.

Depending on the strength of it competitors in its semi-final, the guitar thrashing, Eastern good looks and a relatively catchy chorus might see Belarus back in the Final. 5/10.

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