Poll: Georgia in Eurovision 2015

On January 14 the Georgian broadcaster, GPB, will host the country's Eurovision national final to select the song that will go forward to Vienna in May as its representative.

This year, Georgia has chosen to opt for a combined public and jury vote to determine the winner, split on a 50/50 basis. The public vote is open between January 1 and January 14 courtesy of SMS.

During the live broadcast, a five-person international jury will share its scores, together with its opinion, and these will then be combined with the public vote in order to discover the victor.

Here are the five songs in contention:

1. Eter Beriashvili: If Someone

2. Edvard Meison: We Are Free

3. Niutone: Run Away

4. Nina Sublatti: Warrior 

5. Misha Sulukhia: One and Only

Do you have a favourite amongst these five songs? Vote for it in the poll below!

Which song should represent Georgia in Vienna?
If Someone (Eter Beriashvili)
We Are Free (Edvard Meison)
Run Away (Niutone)
Warrior (Nina Sublati)
One & Only (Misha Sulukhia)
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