02 May 2018

Together / Ryan O’Shaughnessy / Ireland | Review

Ryan O'Shaughnessy / Ireland / 2018 Eurovision Song Contest
Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Back in early March, ex-Britain's Got Talent competitor Ryan O'Shaughnessy finally released his Eurovision entry, a guitar-led song called Together.

Flag Ireland
Self-penned as part of a team of  writers called The Nucleus, it is a somewhat sugary ballad which on first listening comes across as rather ordinary and uninteresting.

In musical terms, it is undoubtedly a song which conforms to the ‘conventional Irish ballad’ benchmark that we have come to expect from Ireland over recent years. Unfortunately, while it wanders along in a pleasant manner, it lacks any genuine 'wow factor' and demonstrates little evidence of real progression.

Shaughnessy’s vocals have a gentle quality that remind me of a watered down version of Ed Sheerhan - sadly, too much folk but not enough commercial appeal. A pity, as he’s obviously gifted but, as a Eurovision entry, this really isn’t going to raise Ireland's qualification prospects.

Artist: Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Song: Together 
Semi-Final 1 | Second Half

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