10 May 2018

Bones / Equinox / Bulgaria | Review

Bulgaria has selected a supergroup of Bulgarian and American singers, forming the quintet known as Equinox. They will sing the Bulgarian selection Bones in the hope of returning the nation to the Eurovision Top 5 for the third consecutive time - or could it be a possible winner?

Flag Bulgaria
To excel at Eurovision with this type of downbeat song, it has to feel as if it radiates a certain amount of faith and passion. Honestly, Bones doesn’t enjoy too much of either. For this reason, it's fair to say that the entry has struggled to gain universal appeal.

While it's very stylish, in some ways it sounds too sombre for a Eurovision song, lacking a distinct (and some might say, obligatory) message. Nevertheless, it does have a very memorable chorus which is somewhat reminiscent of Rag'n'Bone Man's recent output. In that respect, it ticks all of the contemporary/modern boxes.

The same could be said about the styling of the group. In fact, contemporary is about now - their look is highly avant-garde, appearing as if they have just stepped out of a scene from a sci-fi film. Their vocals shine, though. Having heard a couple of live performances, the group sounds as if it is a unit of solid singers. So that should not be a concern come the night of their performance.

UPDATE: Bulgaria was one of the ten nations to qualify to the Grand Final on May 12.

Artist: Equinox
Song: Bones 
Semi-Final 1 | First Half

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