18 April 2016

Eurovision 2016: Review: France: Amir Haddad: J’ai cherché

Amir Haddad / Eurovision 2016 / France
Amir: In search of an elusive French Eurovision victory

Instead of the usual low-rent, three act national final transmitted on a backwater television channel, the new Team France have opted for an internal selection for Eurovision 2016. Hence, Amir Haddad will travel to Sweden with the song J'ai cherché, a catchy dance/pop track which has already attracted a lot of attention.

Amir's choice as French representative comes hot on the heels of his appearance on France's version of The Voice - on which he secured a very creditable third place - and a short spell on his home Top 100 with the hit, Oasis. J'ai cherché has followed it on to the chart but, as yet, has not made too much of an impression.

Originally released as the lead single to his new album Au cœur de moi, the track ticks many of the boxes to make it a success at Eurovision: it has an energetic, modern sing-along chorus - which has now been switched into English - as well as possessing a memorable foot tapping, hand clapping melody. Combine all of that with a singer who the camera loves, and France could be looking at its best placing since the beginning of the millennium when it pocketed back-to-back Top 5 places.

There has even been talk of a French win this year, which is not totally out of the question. Although France has strong rivals for a victory, it may be Amir's vocals which are the deciding factor. Recent live renditions of the song were not too promising, especially as it approached the final thirty seconds or so. However, any doubts should have been dispelled if his performance at the London Eurovision Party is any marker. He seemed much more relaxed and in control than ever before.

If he continues with that attitude, there's a distinct possibility that J'ai cherché could be playing over the end credits of Eurovision on May 14. It's been a long wait for France and a deserved win may be on the cards...

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Image by Eliora (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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