29 October 2015

6 More For the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Over the past few weeks several more entries - which will participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November - have been revealed. These six form part of a larger group of seventeen nations which will compete for the title in Sofia, Bulgaria.

So, let's take a look at what the following countries have to offer:


Mika: Love

Mika / Junior Eurovision Song Contest Armenia 2015
Earlier in October, the Armenian delegation presented their song for the JESC, a throwback rock'n'roll number sung by Michael Varosyan - who will be performing under the name Mika for the competition.

As anticipated, Love  is a 2015 take on the energetic styling of 1950s/1960s rock. Mika sells it well - for one so young he radiates the performance techniques of a seasoned professional.

That's a requirement for this song. After all, it's a positive, upbeat tune which should have no difficulty in attracting a lot of votes. Think Lulu and Shout! and you have some idea of what to expect.  8/10

See the official video here


Bella Paige: My Girls

Bella Paige / 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Australia
Bella Paige
Australia returns to the Eurovision stage for the second time this year, as the Land DownUnder has been invited to make its début in Junior Eurovision. It's a very promising start, with the country represented by Bella Paige singing a Delta Goodrem-penned song called

Bella is another reality TV graduate having secured a runners-up slot in the 2014 series of the Austrlian version of The Voice Kids. For a 13-year-old, she possesses a powerful and emotive vocal style which is well-suited to My Girls - described as an upbeat electro track.

In fact, the song has a The Voice  connection itself. Originally scheduled as Anja Nissen's winner's single, it was suddenly withdrawn, even failing to secure an intended spot on her début album. Was this done because of its quality or for some other reason?

The answer is unknown, but this modern ballad - which has more than a hint of Alicia Keys' Girl on Fire - is certainly more than satisfactory for the Eurovision stage. Indeed, it would hold up well at the main Eurovision event, probably finding itself in the Top 10. For that reason, this one gets a 9/10.

See the official video here


The Virus: Gabede

The Virus / Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Georgia
The Virus
An unfortunate name for the four-piece group which will represent one of Junior Eurovision's more successful nations: Georgia. Nevertheless, Helen Kezhrishvili, Lizzie Tavberidze, Tako Gagnidze and Data Pavliashvili put on an infectious performance as The Virus, no doubt hoping their song will spread among Eurovision fans and voters alike.

It has a good chance of doing so. Gabede is a lively, bouncy and enthusiastic entry with plenty of catchy, repetitive chants all of which is staged in a fun, wacky and eye-catching way.

All positive, but Georgia is unlikely to make 2015 its third winning year. Gabede should score well, but there are better selections this time around.  7/10.

See the official video here


Chiara and Martina Scarpari: Viva

Chiara and Martina Scarpari / Viva / Italy Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Chiara and Martina
Last year's victors are represented by twin sisters Chiara and Martina Scarpari singing the song Viva. They travel to Sofia having won the Italian public vote quite convincingly on the TV show Ti Lascio Una Canzone (67%) in a final round against Giovanni Sutera Sardo.

Viva is pretty good: tight vocals and harmonies are spurred on by a catchy mid-section which has a naggingly familiar refrain. There's also a splendid Eurovision key change as the song enters its final thirty seconds which will do it no harm in pulling in a few more votes.

As with all things Eurovision these days, the staging and live performance will be all important because Viva is not as strong as it might be. For that reason 7/10 seems fair.

See the official video here


Ivana and Magdalena: Pletenka

Ivana and Magdalena / Pletenka / Macedonia 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Ivana and Magdalena
Following a year away from the competition, Macedonia returns with the female duo of Ivana and Magdalena and the song Pletenka (tr. Braid).

Both girls are 13 and were internally selected by Macedonia's national broadcaster, MRT. Having seen the video and listened to the song, they seem to have made a good choice.

Pletenka, a song about unity, happiness and peace (aren't a lot of Eurovision sings?) flies along at a rhythmic pace with an electric keyboard accompaniment that will immediately transport you back to the 1980s. Its chorus is catchy and you'll soon find yourself humming along to it - even if you don't want to.

Fortunes may be more promising for Macedonia this year, then. The country has often struggled to impress on the scoreboard, with two fifth places its best showing. Ivana and Magdalena could improve on those.  7/10.

See the official video here


Lena Stamenković: Lenina pesma

Lena Stamenković / Serbia Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015
Lena Stamenković
Serbia returns to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest hoping to improve on their tenth place in 2014. This year the Balkan nation has internally selected Lena Stamenković, an 11-year-old with a big voice.

Obviously talented, she impressed many on a Serbian TV talent show and has also contributed to the composition of Lenina pesma, her song which will compete at the JESC 2015.

Translated as Lena's Song, it's a powerful ballad which carries a message of optimism and hopefulness. Its reminiscent of Serbia's entry at the main Eurovision event earlier this year and young Lena possesses a similar vocal style to that of Bojana Stamenov.

Although it appears to have secured much online support due to Lena's incredibly mature singing voice, the song is somewhat less dynamic.

Eurovision has always been about making a positive first impression - her vocal may achieve this, but her song lacks a hook to draw in the listener.  6/10.

See the official video here

More Junior Eurovision song reviews to come...

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