04 September 2015

A Review: Ukraine: Anna Trincher: Pochny z sebe

Anna Trincher / Анна Трінчер / Junior Eurovision 2015 Ukraine
JESC Ukraine: Anna Trincher / Анна Трінчер

Anna Trincher Wins JESC Ukrainian Final

Despite Ukraine's decision to withdraw from Eurovision's main event in May, the country's ongoing troubles have not deterred their broadcaster from participating in the 2015 Junior version. In fact, this will be the tenth consecutive year that Ukraine has sent a representative: this time around it will be Anna Trincher singing Pochny z sebe (Start With Yourself).

Like Ukraine, Anna is no stranger to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest having tried her luck at the 2014 national final with Nebo znaye (Heaven Knows). Defeated there, she was then involved with The Voice Kids and the Junior New Wave Contest - both of which were great experience, though not delivering the desired victory. However, her fortunes have since improved with this win in Kiev and her forthcoming trip to the JESC finals in Bulgaria

Flag of Ukraine
She takes Pochny z sebe with her: a brooding mid-tempo rock ballad which has a powerful sense of urgency about it. That in itself gives the entry a much more grown-up feeling than Anna's fourteen years would suggest. As does her voice. The vocals are confident - the top of her range is tested often and she passes that examination with relative ease. It's neither shrill nor unpleasant.

What is not so easy is the ability for the listener to make an emotional connection with the song. Delivered by someone so young, that is no doubt expected. There's the language barrier too, of course. But even when Anna suddenly breaks into English, any psychological link has already been lost. As is often the case, we are left reliant on the melody to make the ultimate judgement.

The first two minutes motor along nicely in third gear, delivering a naggingly familiar refrain, until Anna decides to open up the throttle with the suggestion of a key change. She then powers her way to an invigorating, yet somewhat sudden and disappointing, conclusion - the song feeling as if it had more to give.

Nevertheless it's a strong entry, ably presented by a pretty teenager, so could (and should) score very well.

But the entire package feels as if it will need some improvement before the Final in Sofia. A kid engulfed in what appears to be long lengths of discarded toilet paper is not a good look, even if it is 'de rigueur' in the quirky world of Eurovision.

What are your thoughts?

Image: YouTube

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