06 May 2015

Eurovision 2015: Who Won't Qualify From Semi-Final 2?

The second semi-final of Eurovision 2015 takes place on May 21, with a total of seventeen songs vying for the ten remaining available spots in Saturday's Grand Final.

Among those taking part are favourites such as Sweden, Azerbaijan and Slovenia, but unfortunately there are seven that will be jettisoned after all the contenders have performed.

Who will go and who will stay? No-one knows for sure, but here are the seven (or eight) suggestions of songs that could be heading for the exit door.

Semi-Final 2: Thursday, 21 May (Seven songs will not qualify) 

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  1. Cyprus | Giannis Karagiannis | One Thing I Should Have Done

    One of the earliest entries to be decided in this season's Eurovision, Cyprus's song is possibly one of the dullest of the many ballads featured at this year's Contest. The song is nice enough, but it never feels as if it gets out of first gear, stubbornly plodding along at a sedate pace. It's a very lethargic pick to begin the evening's proceedings and not memorable enough to pick up very many votes either.

  2. Montenegro | Knez | Adio

    One of the few songs to be performed in its native language (hooray!), the fate of Adio will probably suffer because of it (boo!). It's well sung, but just not very dynamic. A memorable presentation may push it up the scoreboard, but it feels as if it is just making up the numbers.

  3. Switzerland | Mélanie René | Time to Shine

    This is a pretty good song with its Pat Benatar Eighties-vibe, but it seems that Switzerland have to submit something extra special to qualify these days. Unlike last year's effort from the Swiss, this is not quirky enough to capture the votes it needs, even if it should be good enough to proceed. This one might surprise everyone, though, and make the Top 27. Hearing the lyric "mucking about" again would be a bonus, after all! 

  4. The Czech Republic | Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta | Hope Never Dies

    A lot better than any of the Czech Republic's past entries, but there is something just irritatingly overwrought about the whole thing. Although it's sung with passion, the duo's voices do not blend well to these ears, sounding as if one voice would be adequate. The language change to English may help the Czechs, but even so, there's a feeling that it won't receive enough support.

  5. Portugal | Leonor Andrade | Há um mar que nos separa

    Poor old Portugal have been waiting forever to secure their first Eurovision win and it looks likely that they will have to wait yet another year to fulfill that dream. A song that will be presented in its native language, Porugal is another nation which often has to produce something near-sensational to qualify. This is not it, unfortunately.

  6. San Marino | Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola | Chain of Lights

    Ever since the micro-state first entered the competition, it has found it difficult to qualify. It famously happened last year but, apart from the fact that San Marino is generally isolated and starved of support, this effort is way too sweetly cute to repeat the feat. It would be great to see them back in the final, but Chain of Lights is unlikely to make it happen.

  7. Poland/Ireland

    Molly Sterling will sing Playing With Numbers for Ireland while Monika Kuszyńska will perform In the Name of Love for Poland. Both are relatively bland piano-driven ballads and, because of this, both are in danger of falling at this semi-final hurdle. There's nothing much to distinguish between the two, but one of them will have to go. With the voting power of the Polish diaspora, it's possible that Ireland could miss out on the Final once again.
flag Cyprus flag Montenegro flag Switzerland flag Czech Republic flag Portugal flag San Marino flag Poland flag Ireland
These seem to be the likely candidates, but you may think differently. Which countries do you feel could fail to advance to the Final?

Who Won't Qualify From Semi-Final 1? See here

Semi-Final 2 Playlist (in draw order) 

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