18 March 2015

Review: Albania: Eurovision 2015 | Elhaida Dani: I'm Alive

Elhaida Dani is now 'alive' on the Eurovision stage
As was announced several weeks ago, it's all change at Team Albania as I'm Alive becomes the country's entry, replacing the now-withdrawn Diell.

You would have thought that following the criticism that song received, Albania would have taken the opportunity to "up the ante" and offer the Eurovision audience something a little more spectacular. Instead, Elhaida Dani has swapped one fairly average power ballad for another.

She paints an emotional picture of despair: A lover wronged her, she's forgiven him and she wants him back. A regular soap opera, in fact. You have to listen very carefully, though. As usual, her vocals are sweet and soaring, but a heavy accent masks many of the lyrics. That may be sexy if she's talking to you, but it sounds annoying throughout this song.

Two minutes in and it all becomes ever more frantic. The music swells, Elhaida's voice reaches the top of its range as her pleading becomes even more exaggerated. Plenty of feeling, just not enough hook, unfortunately.

It's alive in semi-final one, but it probably won't survive it.

What do you think?

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