10 February 2015

Review: Denmark: Eurovision 2015: Anti Social Media

Denmark's choice: Anti Social Media
Denmark may have won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, but after a busy weekend of Eurovision action, a part of which was the Danish national final, it looks unlikely that the Danes will be lifting the winner's trophy again in May this year.

Anti Social Media were among ten acts which participated in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in Aalborg, Denmark and, after nearly two hours, a combination of both jury and public votes determined that these Britpop wannabes were the victors with the song, The Way You Are. Of the ten participants, the four-piece band had been the favourite to win with the bookies, but the Danish public's preference seemed to lie with Anne Gadegaard's Suitcase which ultimately finished as the runner-up.

The total vote was pretty close in the end, with just six points separating first and second. The result came in a tense last few minutes of a show which had been predictably loud and lively but, as is customary with the Danes, presented with professionalism and panache.

Anti Social Media performed seventh in the line-up, demonstrating a fresh-faced enthusiasm in their attempt to channel a 1960s vibe - especially the beat groups of the decade. Their song is a distant pastiche of the bands of the era, but it would be an insult to those classic combos to make too much of a comparison.

Admittedly, The Way You Are is a catchy ditty and the four boys are an energetic bunch, if at times embarrassing in their efforts to appear zany and spontaneous. Their appeal is with teenage girls of course, but not enough of them (or the rest of the Danish public) picked up their phones. It was left to the juries to help push them into first place.

Although there is currently no other act like them, the results of that home vote do not bode well for the four youngsters. If your home audience is not that impressed, why would a wider pan-European one be? Quite frankly, all ten selections were mediocre at best. My personal favourite was the fourth placed Hotel A, which would probably have not been strong enough to win in Vienna anyway. After last year's expense in Copenhagen, I think that was Denmark's plan all along.

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