13 November 2014

Eurovision 2015: Macedonia: Lisja Esenski: Daniel Kajmakoski

Daniel Kajmakoski
Daniel Kajmakoski, singing the composition Lisja esenski (Autumn Leaves), will represent Macedonia at the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

Twenty music stars, accompanied by a live orchestra, performed their songs on the stage of the Metropolis at the Skopje 2014 Music Festival. Daniel accumulated the most points in a 50:50 weighted vote, split between an international jury and a public telephone vote. It was a close run thing, though, with just two points separating first and second place (Tamara Todevska with Brod sto tone). Lisja esenski thus becomes the first national selection in the 2014/15 season.

As such, there is obviously nothing else to compare it with, but even so, it's a strong, modern pop ballad that shows great potential. It helps that local X-Factor winner Daniel Kajmakoski is a strong singer because he carries the melody very well, even if I have no understanding of his lyrics.

Will an English version help the song? Very possibly. While I usually prefer to hear the original language, the current lyrics offer limited appeal to the wider, Eurovision audience. In the long run, this may hamper its chances of success.

A change in language didn't help Macedonia earlier this year, however. The country failed to qualify from the semi-finals when Tijana's poor performance of the totally dissimilar To the Sky failed to garner enough votes.

Will the same happen to Daniel Kajmakoski in Vienna in 2015? Time will only tell.

What do you think of Macedonia's chances with this song?

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An English version, Autumn Leaves, has been released:

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