02 April 2014

Eurovision 2014: France: Moustache

As someone who has been a lover of all things francophone for a long time (I don't have a French degree for nothing, I guess), I always look forward to hearing what France will be gifting to Eurovision each year.

For the most part, I'm not usually disappointed. The last five entries have all been highly enjoyable and, in my opinion, vastly underrated on the scoreboard. Missing out on a Top 20 placing in 2012 and 2013 appeared to be extremely unlucky.

It may just be that the songs performed by Anggun and Amandine Bourgeois were just too good for the competition and that's why France's choice in 2014 appears cheap and amateurish by comparison.

Twin Twin and their Moustache are the product of a French national final (of sorts), the first the country has organised in seven years. The band's rivals were a cookie-cutter boy band and, perhaps, a more meaningful entry from a solo female act (in which France normally specializes). Instead we have three guys - Twin Twin is not a clue here - frenetically yearning after more facial hair.

To be honest, they all look as if they are hirsute enough, but apparently what sounds like a trivial and disposable tune has a deeper meaning. A quick look at the lyrics, and with some help from the group's members, the mustache here represents yet another accessory in our consumerist society. They have everything else they could ever need etc...Yes, there is some humour involved here somewhere.


Accusations of plagiarism have surrounded Moustache, with apparent similarities to Stromae's Papaoutai. The intro does indeed sound as if it has been lifted but, according to the group, the song was written a year ahead of the Belgian's composition.

Either way, I can't see France raising the winner's trophy with this. The melody is certainly catchy and its light hip-hop styling will certainly have the audience in Copenhagen on its feet. That may garner it a few extra votes - enough to see France placed higher up the scoreboard than in recent years, perhaps. Just not far enough, though.

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