17 March 2014

Eurovision 2014: Norway: Silent Storm

Carl Espen
As expected, Silent Storm sung by Carl Espen will represent Norway at this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

After three semi-finals, a final and super final, the heavily backed ex-carpenter easily won the public vote from across the country. His piano-driven torch song is a complete change from last year's Europop track from Margaret Berger and appears to be gaining support from various betting outlets.

Quite why this should be so still remains a mystery to me. It has no discernible hook, although it builds quite nicely to a dramatic final thirty seconds. It's the beginning that is the problem. I foresee many viewers taking the opportunity to put the kettle on or to take a short power nap.

According to Espen's website, Silent Storm is an "intense, fragile and powerful ballad". A couple of those adjectives may also describe the singer himself. His on stage presence is both intense and powerful; something to do with his background as both a soldier and bouncer in the nightclubs of Bergen, no doubt.

With all the support he is currently enjoying, I can't see that it will be much of a fight for him to progress to the Final on May 10th. He is, anyway, quite nicely placed in the first half of the second semi-final among some more uptempo songs, which will help him stand out from that particular crowd.

Not a winner, but a Top 5 placing isn't out of the question.

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